You may have heard there are proposed modifications coming to Cascade Village… and there are! We hope you will be as excited as we are about adding more green space, adding new units, and enhancing the outdoor areas, all for your enjoyment. Preview some of the enhancements below!

For your information, we have prepared a brief history of Cascade Village as well as answers to questions that you may have about the current land use application.

We hope you will find this information to be useful and conveniently placed here in one location.

BACKGROUND: What is the history of Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park?

Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park is a 55 and older retirement community that received its original approval as a mobile home park known as “Ranch Village” in 1978 when the property was located in Deschutes County. (County file numbers Z-78-43, plat #477, and CU-78-46).

Over the years, a number of County approvals fleshed out the mobile home development under various ownerships and mobile home park name changes. In 1999, the property was annexed into the City of Bend and up until 2016, according to the City, no further development actions had been filed with the City regarding the development of the manufactured home park.

What is the current land use application proposed for Cascade Village with the City of Bend and how does it compare to the 2016 Plan?

In 2016, the City approved an Expansion Plan for (PZ-16-0959) Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park to add up to 110 mobile home units and a new clubhouse, picnic areas, fountain and recreational area to the common area. This link is to the 2016 approved plan. Since that time, the expansion has commenced and building permits have been issued for the units as shown on the Phase 1 Units placed under PZ-16-0959

The current land use proposal will modify the 2016 approved expansion plan by the following: reducing the number of new units from 110 to 104, reconfiguring the layout of the residential and recreational/open space areas to provide a more spacious area for residents, replacing the proposed club house with an open air pavilion, BBQ area and fire pit to enhance the beautiful outdoor area in its entirety, and adding a storm water retention pond.

The City land use file number for the 2020 Modification is PZ-20-0431. See the 2020 Proposed Modification Plan

Where can I find zoning information specific to Cascade Village?

The City zoning map identifies the zoning designation of each property in the City of Bend. The zoning for Cascade Village is Residential Urban Standard Density (RS) and Low Density Residential (RL), with a Manufactured Home Park Overlay zone.

In general, an overlay zone consists of a mapped area which is subject to additional standards in excess of the zoning to ensure protection of a specific resource or guide development within a certain area.

Specifically, the Manufactured Home Park Redevelopment Overlay District (Bend Development Code Section 2.7.900) provides incentives for park owners to “continue the use of the land as a manufactured home park and, when redevelopment does occur, by providing a mechanism for capturing a portion of the redevelopment potential as replacement affordable housing.”

Cascade Village is identified in Figure 900.A as one of the manufactured home parks to which 2.7.900 applies. BDC 2.7.930(A-C) identifies “continued use as a manufactured home park” and “redeveloping manufactured home parks” as permitted uses.

City of Bend Zoning Map for Cascade Village

What is “Needed Housing”?

Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park falls within the State definition of needed housing and therefore benefits from State protections encouraging its development and expansion.

“Needed Housing” is defined by the State at ORS 197.303(1)(c) and provides that when a need has been shown for housing within an urban growth boundary a local government may adopt and apply only clear and objective standards, conditions and procedures regulating the development of needed housing on buildable land.

As a result, all approval criteria applicable to a needed housing project must be clear and objective on the face of the ordinance (i.e., capable of being answered with a yes or no), or they cannot be applied to deny the project.

Furthermore, any applicable standards, conditions and procedures must not have the effect of discouraging needed housing through unreasonable cost or delay. ORS 197.307(4).  The State has recognized the important role that needed housing, and manufactured homes in particular, provide to address the need of affordable housing.

What is the maximum density allowed for Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park?

The maximum number of manufactured homes allowed within a ‎manufactured home park shall not exceed 10 units per acre. The average ‎area of a mobile home site shall not be less than 4,000 square feet excluding ‎roadway, recreation areas and other accessory facilities. No manufactured ‎home site shall be less than 2,000 square feet in area.‎

What development standards apply to Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park?

See links to City of Bend development standards.

What is the projected timing for the expansion project?

Upon approval, the infra structure portion of the project started in Fall 2020 and is expected to take 6-9 months. Thereafter, placement and sales of home will occur…

Why is there a stubbed road connection from Cascade Village MHP to Juniper Ridge to the east?

In the decision for the 2016 Expansion Plan (PZ 16-0959) the City required a street connection to the future Juniper Ridge employment local road as a condition of approval.

The City issued the following reason:

According to the purpose statement of the Juniper Ridge Overlay Zone, the zone includes unique overlay zoning sub-districts for residential, commercial, educational and industrial uses. The Juniper Ridge District Map Figure 2.7.20308 specifically identifies a local road and multi­ use path connection to the subject property.

The more specific local road plan as identified in the Juniper Ridge Overlay Zone has been adopted to promote efficient multi-modal circulation and to ensure that developments produce complete blocks bounded by a connecting network of public and/or private streets. A street connection will allow existing and future residents of the manufactured home park to access the planned mix of uses in the Juniper Ridge Overlay zone including future residential, commercial, educational and industrial uses.

What is the plan for the existing clubhouse?

The new owners are currently working on plans to upgrade and improve the existing clubhouse and pool area.

Will existing residents be able to use the pavilion?

Yes. The pavilion will be open to all residents.

,b>How do I find out more?

The full regulatory documents are available online at http://www.bendoregon.gov/citycode.

These documents are also available for review at City Hall, 710 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon. If you have questions regarding the land use permitting requirements, please contact the Planning Division at 541-388-5580 menu ext. 3 or [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in the Cascade Village Manufactured Home Park.


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